Geocaching at Allatoona Lake can be a fun and appropriate recreational activity on public lands.  Privately owned caches are allowed with permission from the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office. 

In order to place a geocache on public lands there are a series of steps that you must follow. You must first apply for and receive a permit and always follow rules for placement and conducting geocache activities.

Do not place geocaches in arrears where the cache, either directly or indirectly, would negatively affect ecologically, environmentally, or socially sensitive areas (threatened or endangered species, critical habitats, cultural resources, tribal lands without consent, etc.) Do not place geocaches in areas that may pose safety risks, sunch as unstable banks, or other potential hazards. Do not conduct geocaching activities where they may interfere with established public uses, such as boat launching, picnicking, swimming, etc. Do not place geocaches below normal operating pool levels. Do not conduct geocaching activities where they may interfere with the operation of the project. Do not place geocaches in areas where the security of the project and/or public safety would be at risk. Do not place geocache in designated restricted areas.

How to obtain a Geocache Permit

Step 1:  Complete the Application for Permit

Step 2:  Mail, email or hand deliver the application to:

              Allatoona Lake Project Management Office

              1138 GA Highway 20 Spur

              Cartersville, GA 30121


Step 3: Wait for a response from our office before posting on