Roles and Responsibilities

DQM believes that "data quality is everyone's responsibility," a cooperative effort where the local USACE District, the DQM Center and the Dredging Industry work together to collect the most accurate and reliable data. It is the dredge operator's responsibility to provide quality control on the instrumentation - to check, calibrate, and maintain the sensors. It is the responsibility of the USACE District managing the dredge contract to provide quality assurance by reviewing the system at the start of a project, reviewing the data on a regular basis, and notifying the contractor in a timely manner if the received data is in any way abnormal. Finally, it is the responsibility of the DQM Center to standardize data collection requirements, ensure data integrity through annual QA checks of dredge instrumentation, and provide tools, reports, and analytical support to the contracting District.

The DQM Center has created flowcharts to illustrate the responsibilites of the interested parties during the course of a dredging contract/permit.

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