Program and Project Management

The Mobile District is a premier engineering, environmental, construction, and operational element of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are driven to success by our focus on resolving clients’ requirements and we thrive on the opportunity to solve their greatest challenges. 

As a full-service district, our project delivery teams are led by skilled and determined project managers focused on achieving client satisfaction in resolving engineering and environmental challenges. 

Our approach involves flexibility within the structure of standard business practices, along with open communication and collaboration with all project stakeholders. The Program and Project Management Division is the district's primary client interface, charged with integrating and orchestrating the work of other district elements in the execution of civil, military, and environmental programs and projects within and outside the continental United States. Our organizational goal is to provide clients with quality results that are within their cost and schedule constraints.

Each project management team is composed of technical experts in planning, design, engineering, construction, contracting, environmental sustainability, real estate as well as many other disciplines. As the orchestrator of a project, the project manager serves as the client’s advocate within the district and brings the proper district players into the project delivery process at the right time. The project manager negotiates budgets and schedules on behalf of the client and assures that projects are executed to the client's expectation of cost, schedule, and quality. Our people build synergistic relationships with the representatives of our clients to best support them in the development of project solutions.

Our clients include the various elements of the Department of Defense, other Federal agencies, state and local municipalities, foreign governments, and non-profit agencies. We provide solutions for clients in the businesses of training the nation’s warfighters, researching and developing new weapons systems, commanding combatant forces, providing international drug interdiction, carrying out humanitarian relief, operating water resources activities and their associated recreational facilities.  From rocket scientists to park rangers, our project managers and project delivery teams support them all.