Shoreline Management

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers policy is to provide for the management of public land and water associated with Allatoona Lake in a manner that promotes the safe and healthful public use of the shoreline, while assuring conservation of natural resources for present and future generations.  To provide the public with a guide to how we oversee this process the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office has established a Shoreline Management Plan.

The intent of Shoreline Management Plan is to achieve a balance between permitted private uses and long-term resource protection including ensuring that public access is preserved.

The Allatoona Lake Project Management Office issues permits for many shoreline uses including docks, under brushing, grass mowing, shoreline protection, steps, walkways, etc, in limited development zoned areas.  Included on this page are some resources including the Shoreline Management Plan to help you navigate the process of applying for a permit, renewing a permit, and transferring a permit. For questions regarding permits, contact the Shoreline Management Section at (678) 721-6700.