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Status of Recreation Facilities on Allatoona Lake, updated as of  October 12, 2012



     Facilities Chart Key:                           

                                                  o = open                                            

                                                  M = marginal use due to low or high water   

                                                  X = closed                                          


Boat Ramp

 McKaskey Creek Campground X
 Upper Stamp Creek Campground *** X
 Sweetwater Creek Campground X
 Victoria Campground none
 Payne Campground none
 McKinney Campground  o
 Clark Creek North Campground none
 Old Highway 41 #3 Campground X

*** Only open on weekends

  Day Use    Boat Ramp
 Cooper Branch #1 o
 Cooper Branch #2 none
 Cooper's Furnace none
 Stamp Creek Ramp o
 Sweetwater Day Use*** none
 Knox Bridge Ramp X
 Victoria Day Use o
 Payne Ramp o
 Galt's Ferry     o

 Clark Creek South Ramp


 Tanyard Creek Ramp

 Old Highway 41 #1*** X
 Blockhouse o
 Riverside Park o

*** Only open on weekends


State, County and City Areas    (Call for current information)

 Bartow County Park  (770) 387-5163

 Cherokee County Park  (770) 924-7768
 Cherokee Mills Park (770) 924-7768
 Bartow Carver Park  (770) 974-6053
 Red Top Mountain State Park  (770) 975-0055
 Acworth Beach  (770) 917-1234
 Proctor Landing  (770) 917-1234
.Dallas Landing  (770) 917-1234
  Marinas   (Call for current information)

 Wilderness Camp  (770) 386-2170
 Little River Marina  (770) 345-2900
 Victoria Harbour  (770) 926-7718
 Harbor Town Marina  (770) 974-6422
 Park Marina  (770) 974-2628
 Glade Marina  (770) 975-7000
 Holiday Harbor Marina  (770) 974-2575
 Allatoona Landing   (770) 974-6089



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