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Job Announcements

The Mobile District employs more than 1,100 people, of which approximately 366 are engineers. The district also employs biologists, ecologists, boat pilots, archaeologists, agronomists, recreation specialists, statisticians, economists, architects, attorneys, geologists, chemists, nurses, deckhands, artists, photographers, accountants, park rangers, computer specialists, and personnel in other specialty fields. To find out if we have a career that is right for you, take a minute to look through our current vacancy announcements.

Area: All or parts of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Central and South America. Click here for map



Position (Series)


Pay Plan/Grade









Drill Rig Operator (Motor Vehicle Operator)  WG-5729-05  Mobile, AL 07/09/2018-01/09/2019 NEGE187688466769DS Full-Time/Term 
Drill Rig Operator (Motor Vehicle Operator)  WG-5729-08  Mobile, AL  07/11/2018-01/11/2019 NEGE187685889966DS  Full-Time/Permanent 
Interdisciplinary  GS-0401,1301-11  Mobile, AL 10/25/2018-11/08/2018 SCGU182034419935  Full-Time/Permanent   
Supervisory Interdisciplinary Engineer  GS-0810,0830,0850-13  Homestead AFB, FL 10/29/2018-11/13/2018  SCGU182062831298  Full-Time/Permanent    
Civil Engineer (Hydraulics)  GS-0810-11/12  Mobile, AL 11/01/2018-11/15/2018 SCGU182137445273 Full-Time/Permanent 
IT Specialist (PLCYPLN)  GS-2210-12/13  Mobile, AL 11/01/2018-11/12/2018 SWHB181818238031 Full-Time/Permanent 
IT Specialist (PLCYPLN)  GS-2210-12/13  Mobile, AL 11/01/2018-11/12/2018  SWHB181818238032DE  Full-Time/Permanent  
Supervisory Information Management Specialist  GS-0301-13 Mobile, AL 11/05/2018-11/14/2018 SWHB181701810223 Full-Time/Permanent 
Lead Engineering Technician (Civil)  GS-0802-10  Irvington, AL 11/05/2018-11/19/2018 SCGU182237658849 Full-Time/Permanent 
Transportation Assistant (Fleet Management)  GS-2102-07  Mobile, AL 11/05/2018-05/31/2019 SWGL1800000041705 Full-Time/Permanent
Supply Technician  GS-2005-07  Mobile, AL  11/05/2018-05/31/2019 SWGL1800000029845 Full-Time/Permanent 
Supply Technician  GS-2005-07  Mobile, AL 11/05/2018-05/31/2018 SWGL1800000029865 Full-Time/Permanent 
Transportation Assistant (Fleet Management)  GS-2102-07  Mobile, AL  11/05/2018-05/31/2019 SWGL1800000041695 Full-Time/Permanent  
Supervisory Interdisciplinary Engineer  GS-0810,830,850-13  Fort Rucker, AL 10/26/2018-11/09/2018 SCGU182067521865 Full-Time/Permanent 
Civilian Pay Technician  GS-0544-08  Mobile, AL 11/06/2018-11/21/2018 SCGU182244580585 Full-Time/Permanent 
Hydrologic Technician  GS-1316-10/11  Mobile, AL 11/07/2018-11/21/2018 SCGU182196956743 Full-Time/Permanent