Dredge Status

Over the years, DQM has received and stored data from over 1000 dredging contracts and regulatory projects around the nation—as illustrated by the map on the left. Each contract may utilize more than one dredge plant, so that DQM has collected data from 20 hopper dredges, over 60 hydraulic pipeline dredges and more than 300 scows across 31 USACE Districts. In addition to tracking dredge locations and sensor data for dredge plant while they are working, DQM also maintains a listing of which dredge plant have met DQM requirements for instrumentation and data quality.

Active Projects

DQM tracks active projects/plant by USACE District and contract number. In addition to the plant name and type , the dates for which data has been received are reported. Click here to view plant which DQM is currently monitoring.




Current Dredge Plant Certification Status

DQM promotes the collection of quality dredging data by performing annual QA checks on the instrumentation of all dredge plant within the DQM program and issuing letters of Certification that the plant is capable of collecting and transmitting quality data. A listing of the type of certification issued, the date of the last QA check and the certification expiration date is maintained and available for viewing. Click Hopper, Pipeline or Scow to view plant current certification status.

QA Notifications

The DQM Center is in the process of automating QA checks on incoming data in order to flag “bad” sensors and identify data gaps. However, this “sensor health check,” which is used to prepare weekly reports for the dredging contractors to inform them of any problems, is currently being truth checked by visual inspection of time series graphs of the collected parameters. The email notices list any data gaps noted and provide guidance on the perceived severity of any sensor irregularities.

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