Water and Wastewater Technical Center of Expertise


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water and Wastewater Technical Center of Expertise (WWTCX) is located in the South Atlantic Division, Mobile District. The center is one of several national centers of expertise under the Corps of Engineers Planning Excellence Program dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of the planning process for water resources-related projects.

The center specializes in providing guidance to the rest of the Corps of Engineers in areas including Potable Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution, Domestic and Industrial Water and Wastewater Collection, Pumping, Treatment, and Disposal.

Water reclamation is a rapidly becoming a critical area of study as the world’s population continues to grow and it becomes increasingly necessary to find innovative ways to improve wastewater treatment processes to recover valuable resources such as bio-solids, nutrients, energy and clean water. The Army Corps of Engineers is dedicated to finding conventional and alternative solutions to these problems through the Water and Wastewater Technical Center of Expertise.




Available Services

  • Designs, Plans & Specs
  • Agency Technical Reviews
  • Analysis & Studies
  • Criteria Documents
  • O&M Manuals
  • Consulting Services 



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