Lake Levels

As Allatoona Dam controls flooding downstream, large fluctuations of the lake elevation can occur.  This is because the normal capacity of Allatoona Lake is relatively small compared to the amount of water that drains into it during heavy rains.

Daily lake elevation increases of three to four feet are not uncommon after heavy rains.  Weekly increases have been as much as twenty feet.  In the past, high waters have caused severe shoreline erosion.  To guard against this damage, engineers lower the lake's normal elevation during the winter to provide storage capacity for spring rains.  This is when sudden heavy rain cause the most severe fluctuations.  In the summer when rainfall is reduced, the Corps of Engineers raises the level of the lake to 840 feet above sea level.  This is when the lake is most beautiful, and when recreational use of the lake is the greatest.

For more information on how the Corps of Engineers manages water releases at Allatoona Lake contact the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office at (678) 721-6700.