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Rental Facilities Management Information System (RFMIS)

The RFMIS is the system of record for all in-leasing (Leased Government Housing, Military, Civil and DoD Recruiting) activities of the USACE Real Estate community. The USACE is the executive agent for the Department of Defense (DoD) Rental Facilities Recruiting program. The Executive Agent roles per DoDD 5160.58E (5.2.5) are to establish and maintain an automated management information system to support cost-effective planning, programming, budgeting, and program/budget execution of the DoD recruiting facilities program. The system shall support the management responsibilities of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (DUSD), the military services, the executive agent and the joint recruiting facilities committee. RFMIS supports the requirements to execute the mission by offering a web-based system that allows for the entering, modifying and tracking of all “in-leasing” data. The AIS production environment is operating on CorpsNet.

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