Sweetwater Creek Flood Risk Management Study

Over the last two decades, the Sweetwater Creek Watershed in Georgia has experienced a series of flood events that have caused significant damage throughout the basin. In response to the extensive damage that these floods caused, Cobb County submitted a request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, to consider the possibility of conducting a Flood Risk Management Study.

In May 2016, the Mobile District and Cobb County signed a Memorandum of Agreement to conduct a basin-wide study to identify the cause of the flooding and to investigate the feasibility of potential solutions to mitigate the risk of future floods in the watershed. Under a cost-sharing agreement, both the Corps of Engineers and Cobb County will be responsible for 50% of the study's $2.55 million estimated cost.

The study began in May 2016 and is expected to take approximately three years to complete. The study will cover the entire Sweetwater Creek Watershed basin, including its major tributaries.

The economic feasibility of a qualifying solution will depend on whether the construction costs for a recommended project are less than the estimated annual average damage caused by future flood-related events. If a feasible solution is identified, then the Corps of Engineers may cost share up to 65% for the actual project, provided the local governments can provide the lands/easements necessary and the solutions align with Corps policy.

The reduction of flood risk is a critical mission under the Corps of Engineers Civil Works authority. The Corps' Flood Risk Management Program mission is to reduce the overall flood risk and long-term economic damages to the public and private sector, and to improve the natural environment.