Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits are issued to cover activities, which are held on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) lands and waters.  These activities are generally short-term, but may be recurring and usually fall outside the scope of standard recreational use.  These activities may also have an impact safety, the environment or access and enjoyment for other visitors on the lake.

As of January 1, 2016, these activities were given a more fluid definition to allow projects to determine the best method of permitting the activities.  A general definition of the two permit types is provided below so that you can determine which permit you believe your activity falls under and then visit that page for greater details.

Special Activity Permit

A Special Activity Permit is for a specific use of Allatoona Lake project lands which benefits a small group or individual person. The activity may be a recurring or regular activity.  This group of activities require additional management to prevent damage to property and the environment and may also require additional safety measures.  Examples include small group fishing tournaments, academic research, and small baptisms.

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit is for a specific organized use of Allatoona Lake project lands and waters that is limited in duration.  It is beyond the normal use expected by the public and may restrict or hinder access of resources by the public.  They also convey the appearance of providing special benefits to a particular group of individuals.  Examples: Large fishing tournaments (greater than 50 boats), marathons, triathlons, and launching or retrieving large vessels at boat ramps (by commercial carrier).          

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