Management and Disposal Branch

The Management and Disposal Branch of the Mobile District Real Estate Division manages real property, reviews land-use proposals, and administers out-grants at military installations and civil works projects. As part of this mission, the branch must assure that all real estate transactions comply with Federal and state regulations, laws, policy decisions, and other authorities.

The branch manages natural resource and outdoor recreation programs at the district’s civil works water resource projects, manages real property at Army military installations and civil works projects in conformance with applicable regulatory and/or statutory requirements, issues appropriate documentation to grant use of federal property, conducts annual inspections of areas utilized to confirm compliance with grant terms, inspects Army installation realty interests to confirm installation usage in accordance with authorized project purposes, and addresses other realty issues as they develop.

Another role that the Management and Disposal Branch oversees is the negotiation of leases and out-grants to state and local governments, private individuals, and non-profit organizations for the temporary use of federal property. As part of the branches leasing authorities it obtains title options and mineral ownerships underlying government-owned properties to support mineral leasing by the Bureau of Land Management.  

Disposal is another major part of the branches mission to dispose of real estate interest or rights that are excess to the needs of the Department of the Army at installations and civil works projects by termination, relinquishment, bid and negotiated sale, exchange, transfer and by other means.   

Finally the branch inspects military real property utilized by others to assure proper compliance with terms of occupancy agreements and takes corrective action to enforce compliance and/or terminate occupancy where appropriate.




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