Small Business Program

Program Mission

Our mission is to develop small businesses and maximize opportunity through our procurements within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Mobile District area of responsibility for construction (vertical and horizontal) and architect engineering services at military installations and facility support services for Corps-owned public use areas.


The Department of Defense is in the process of requiring ALL contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers to have the appropriate level of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification to be eligible for an award.  There are multiple levels of certification, some certification levels require an accredited third party to certify.  The level of certification necessary can take months or years to obtain to be able to meet future Government requirements.  The full implementation of the CMMC requirement is quickly approaching, 2026 is the deadline for certification.  If your company or subcontractors are not currently certified, a simple internet search will locate several firms that are available to help you start the certification process now.  The government is not advocating the use of any particular vendor for certification preparation.  The government is not advocating the use of any particular vendor for certification preparation. 

Business with USACE

All contractors wishing to do business with the Mobile District must be registered with the System for Award Management (,

Contracting with the Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers procurements are conducted by Contracting Offices located at Districts and Division Centers. Firms can obtain the location of the centers in their state by visiting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters website. Often, more than one district performs work within a state. 

The first point of contact to do business with Corps of Engineers is the Deputy of Small Business, who can assist vendors in identifying contracting opportunities and establish meetings with the technical, contracting, and project management staffs if necessary.  

Subcontracting Opportunities

Firms should also consider subcontracting opportunities available with prime contractors who have been awarded contracts from the Mobile District and from other organizations within the Department of Defense. The best places to locate information on subcontracting opportunities with the Mobile District are through the SBA’s Sub-Net program and Mobile District Forecast shown on right under the Menu.

The SBA’s Sub-Net is a valuable resource for obtaining information on subcontracting opportunities and to receive notices of sources sought. Prime contractors as well as other government, commercial, and educational entities, post solicitations for small businesses.

The Mobile District Forecast provides information on the Army Medical Command Program, A&E Construction, Operational and Maintenance Support Program, Facility Support programs, as well as a list of prime contractors for subcontracting opportunities and information on upcoming solicitations. 

Participation in Outreach Events

Outreach events ranging from national conferences to local workshops provide an opportunity for small business firms to meet with procurement specialists from military and civilian agencies, as well as federal prime contractors. The Corps of Engineers conducts small business conferences on an annual basis in different regions across the country. At these annual events, Corps of Engineers division and district representatives come together to speak with small businesses about contracting opportunities with the Corps of Engineers.