Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division manages all transactions involving the planning, acquisition, appraisal, leasing, asset management and disposal of real property for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District; both civil and military.

In carrying out this mission the division is responsible for real estate-related services in several countries in South America including the Republic of Panama and Honduras. 

The division also provides realty services for U.S. Southern Command and oversees the acquisition and administration of all commercial leased space for the Armed Forces Recruiting Commands, Navy Reserve Recruiting Command, and Army and Air Force Reserve Commands.

Real Estate Systems National Center

The division also oversees the Real Estate Systems National Center, which provides planning, development, operational and management control over all automated Information Systems (AIS) for the real estate business throughout the Corps of Engineers.  The RESNC manages the two major real estate systems for the entire Corps of Engineers; the Rental Facilities Management Information (RFMIS) and the Real Estate Management Information System (REMIS).  RFMIS supports all in-leasing actions and REMIS supports all acquisition, management and disposal activities for the Corps of Engineers.


  • Acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Department of the Army.
  • Executes DoD Executive Agent responsibilities.
  • Executes specialized programs.
  • Provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners.  
  • Performs unique contingency capabilities.



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