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Logistics Manager

Dedan Y. Johnson

Published Aug. 3, 2017

Day Johnson serves as the Mobile District logistics manager.  As such, he oversees the logistic program and advises the Command on all matters concerning logistics support and functions.  Johnson is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y, and is coming to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or USACE family from a brief stint in the private sector. Johnson began his career with U.S. Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer.  His assignments included Recruiting in Mississippi; Instructing at Officer Training School; managing Aerial Ports in Florida, Alaska and Iraq; planning logistics support for joint and multinational security cooperation exercises in the Middle East and Europe; and serving as an Embedded Trainer in Afghanistan.

Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations from East Carolina University, and a Master’s in Counseling and Development from Auburn University at Montgomery.  Johnson’s other formal education includes Squadron Officer School,  and Air Command and Staff College.  He is married with one son and one daughter.

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