Docks Rolled into Lease Areas

Depending on the Lease Area contract renewal dates, all privately owned docks within those lease areas are now managed by those Lease Areas internally.  This means that there are no physical permits for these docks.  The dock is now covered by the Lease Area and the lease area is responsible for the management of these former permits.  All requests and correspondence for these docks should be sent through the Lease Area for consideration.  Below is a listing of Lease Areas that have privately owned docks.

Lease Areas with Privately Owned Docks

  • Allatoona Boat and Ski
  • Allatoona Canoe and Sail
  • Allatoona Yacht Club
  • Atlanta Boat Club
  • Atlanta Yacht Club
  • Big K
  • Etowah Yacht Club
  • Hillhouse Lodge
  • Lake Forrest Country Club
  • Little River Marina
  • Minutemen Club
  • Wilderness Camp Marina