New Permit Requests

Shoreline Use Permits can only be obtained on Allatoona Lake in locations that are allocated as limited development areas to include docks, under brushing, electrical lines, water lines, improved steps or walkways, and handrails.

Items in limited development areas that are not listed above (Roads, Boat Ramps, etc.) are only allowed due to grandfathering and can only be maintained.  When the item has deteriorated to an unsafe and/or un-useable condition, the items must be removed from public lands and waters.

To apply for a New Shoreline Permit, first look at the Shoreline Allocation Map to see if your property borders US Army Corps of Engineers land, and if that location falls into the Shoreline Allocation Map zoned for limited development.

If your area is zoned for limited development, contact the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office to schedule an on-site meeting with one of our Park Rangers.  Please note that due to heavy demands, requests made from May to September could result in a wait time of 3 to 6 weeks before a meeting can be scheduled.