Five-Year Permit Renewals

All Shoreline Use Permits on Allatoona Lake expire every five years.  Before these permits expire, the permit holder is required to renew the permit.   If you are a current Allatoona Lake Shoreline Use Permit holder, you will be notified 60 days prior to your permit expiration date as to what you need to do to receive a new permit. 

Step 1:

Repair all items listed on the inspection checklist that you received through the mail due to your recent inspection.  Some of the most common items include: anchor cables tied to trees, multiple storage boxes, broken or missing deck boards, lack of continuous railing on sundeck, etc.  A period of 30 days is granted to make all repairs.

During the initial inspection our rangers also review the approved plans for the dock to ensure this matches what is on the lake.  Any overhangs, new sections, personal watercraft platforms, that are not on your approved plans must be removed from public lands and waters. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Any modifications to your dock must be approved before work begins.  Review Permit Modifications for more information.

Step 2:

Once all repairs are made, a Renewal Package will be mailed to the Permit Holder.  Do not separate this package.  Follow the steps on the cover page and mail back as a complete package.  A period of 30 days is granted to complete and return.

Step 3:

Once your Renewal Package is received, it will be processed as soon as possible.  Please allow two weeks for your check to be processed and your new permit to mailed back to you.