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Transferring a Permit

If you are planning on purchasing a home around Allatoona Lake verify that the property you are purchasing comes with a dock permit by calling the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office at (678) 721-6700. 

If the property you are purchasing does not have a dock, then you may follow the steps outlined in New Permits.

If the property you are purchasing currently has a permit, then you will need to contact the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office with the following information:

  • Signed and notarized Warranty Deed/Property Deed
  • Address of home purchased
  • Current owner’s name
  • Current mailing address
  • Current phone numbers

Once the proper information is obtained, a park ranger will contact you and set up a time for an on-site meeting at your dock.  The ranger will inspect the dock for repairs and deviations from current approved plans and give you an overview of the dock permitting process.  During this on-site meeting, you will be required to provide a warranty deed, property deed, or proof of ownership.

PLEASE NOTE:  When you buy property with a dock on Allatoona Lake you accept the responsibility for any encroachments, dock repairs, lack of plans for any structure, or removal of any item that is in violation of the permit. It is encouraged that you call and set up an onsite meeting with a park ranger to inspect the dock prior to purchase.