Boundary Lines / Encroachments

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for managing the entire shoreline of Allatoona Lake.  Adjacent landowners are not allowed to alter or place personal property on these lands without a permit the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office.  Permits are only allowed in shoreline areas zoned as "limited development".   

Every year different sections of the boundary line are inspected with exception of Victoria Cottages, Stamp Creek Cottages, Galts Ferry Cottages, and Island Mills Cottages.  The boundary lines for these cottage areas are inspected once a year, typically in the winter months.

An encroachment is un-authorized alteration of land or placement of personal property on public lands.  Some minor encroachments include: recreational equipment left on the shoreline, patio furniture, construction debris, etc.

Some major encroachments include: unpermitted roadways, buildings, swimming pools, sheds, fences, etc.  All encroachments whether minor or major are treated the same and generally result in a federal citation being issued for appearance in Federal Court if the encroachment is not removed from public lands.

Items that are allowed on the shoreline on a temporary basis, and are considered light and portable include: chairs, grills, coolers, tables, or other recreation items you might need for a day at the lake.  However these items must be removed from public lands at days end.

For more information on Boundary Lines, download the Boundary Line Brochure.