Alabama River Navigation Charts

Downloadable Georeferenced PDF files of current river charts begin at River Mile 45 on the Mobile River, Alabama, continuing through Claiborne, Selma, Montgomery, and to the Heads of Navigation on the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers. The charts contain 2010-16 imagery, bridge clearance tables, elevated and submerged crossings, and over 2000 known feature names and locations. As changes occur the PDF's will be replaced. ALL files will be replaced and/or updated around the 1st of each year. The chart files are designed to be printed on 11 x 17 paper.

The Alabama River Project has 3 Locks and Dams. The water areas above each of these is called a "pool". Pool levels may fluctuate due to local rain events but the pools surface elevation should never fall below the "mean" pool elevation, or M.S.L. These mean pool elevations (MSL's) can be found at the bottom of the ALA Shoaling Areas chart and used to calculate current water elevations when applied to existing local gage poles. Further explanation on how to do this can be found on any of the Bridge Reference Charts (Br. Ref.) below.

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 Chart Name  Description
 Front Cover - Back Cover  Cover Sheets
 1 Table of Contents  Chart Content
 2 Navigation Information  Contacts, Nav Aids
 3 Notes and Regulations  Boating Regulations
 4 Legend  Symbology
 5 Chart Index Map  Index Sheet
 6 Submerged Crossings  Pipelines, Cables
 7 Vertical Clearances  Bridges, Powerlines
 8 ALA Shoaling Areas  Named River Bars
   Locks & Dam Locations
  Feature Lists -  
 9 Alphabetical Named Features & Areas
 10 By River Mile




  Chart Name & Mileages

  Bridge Reference
 Below Claiborne               All Charts, Miles 0-72.5
 (Alabama, Mobile River Junction, Mile 0 - 305)
 Chart 1, Mile 0  
 Chart 2, Mile 8.5  
 Chart 3, Mile 18.5  
 Chart 4, Mile 22.8  
 Chart 5, Mile 29.9  
 Chart 6, Mile 40.1  
 Chart 7, Mile 46.1  
 Chart 8, Mile 52.7  
 Chart 9, Mile 58.3  
 Chart 10, Mile 65.4  Br. Ref. 10, Mile 66.8
 Chart 11, Mile 70.2  
 Claiborne Pool           All Charts, Miles 72.5 - 133.0
 Chart 11, Mile 70.2  
 Chart 12, Mile 75.1  
 Chart 13, Mile 81.0  
 Chart 14, Mile 85.4  
 Chart 15, Mile 90.0  
 Chart 16, Mile 95.7  
 Chart 17, Mile 101.9  Br. Ref. 17, Mile 105.3 
 Chart 18, Mile 108.8  Br. Ref. 18, Mile 118.2 
 Chart 19, Mile 119.8  
 Chart 20, Mile 126.8  
 Chart 21, Mile 131.8  Br. Ref. 21, Mile 134