US Army Corps of Engineers
Mobile District

Mobile Harbor General Reevaluation Report

In June 2014, the Alabama State Port Authority (ASPA) submitted a request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to consider increasing the depth and width of the Mobile Harbor Channel. Specifically, the request asked the Corps of Engineers to investigate the feasibility of taking the channel to authorized dimensions under Section 201 of the 1986 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). 

Under the 1986 WRDA, the authorized dimensions for the majority of the channel were set at 55 ft. deep and 550 ft. wide. The current dimensions of the majority of the channel are 45 ft. deep and 400 ft. wide.

The GRR study began in late 2015 and is a four-year, $7.8 million effort that is cost-shared with the ASPA.  The results of the study will be documented in a GRR and released to the public. 

The elements and process of developing a General Reevaluation Report (GRR) are defined in legislation and in Corps of Engineers guidance. The purpose of a GRR is to investigate and recommend solutions to water resources problems. The study will incorporate engineering, economic, real estate and environmental analyses.

Along with the GRR, an integrated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) will be developed. The SEIS will define the current environmental conditions and compare them with the environmental effects of any proposed action and its alternatives. The SEIS will identify potential consequences and the mitigation needed to minimize adverse impacts.

Mobile Harbor GRR Map

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