Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if I am interested in the buyout? For now you can fill out and send us this completed document. Willing Seller Information.   Be sure to check the website for new information as it becomes available.

  2. What is the status of the MsCIP proposal to Congress? The final report was submitted to the Senate and House on 14 January 2010.

  3. What are the next steps regarding the MsCIP proposal to Congress? To move forward with the HARP ("buyout"), Waveland Floodproofing Demonstration, The Forrest Heights levee and future studies, Congress will need to authorize the work and appropriate funds.

  4. Is the Forrest Heights levee included in MsCIP proposal to Congress? Yes, refer to the link on this page to read all the recommendations. "MsCIP Comprehensive Chief's Report 15 Sep 09".
  5. What is the status of the Barrier Island restoration?

    A. The initial construction phase including placement of 500,000 cubic yards of sand on West Ship Island’s north shore is complete. Planting on the north shore is in progress and the remainder of the project is in the design phase.

    B. Notice of Availability of Draft Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement initiates 45-day public review. Comments are due no later than 21 April 2014. These comments will be addressed in a Final SEIS which is tentatively scheduled for public release in mind June.

    C. A public meeting will be scheduled for the 1st week of April to provide an opportunity to answer any questions which interested stakeholders may have based on their review of the draft SEIS. Please check back for specific date and location.

    D. Ship Island is the preliminary focus of the restoration schedule beginning with the closure of Camille Cut in November 2014. Restoration of Ship Island is estimated to take approximately 2.5 years.