Q1: What is the process for renewing my dock permit?

A1:  Click on the "Five Year Renewal" tab for more information.

Q2: What do I need to do if I want to upgrade my dock?

A2:  Click on the "Permit Modifications" tab for more information.

Q3: I just purchased a lot on Allatoona Lake that has a dock.  How do I get this transferred into my name?

A3: Click on the "Change of Ownerships" tab for more information.

Q4: How long do dock permits last and how much does it cost to have a dock on Allatoona Lake?

A4:  All Shoreline Use Permits (including docks) on Allatoona Lake are good for five years.  Every five years permit holders are required to renew their permits and the current cost is $175 plus additional approved land use items.      In situations where there is a change of ownership or an approved  new permit (new dock on the lake), the new permit holder is required to pay $400 plus additional approved land use items for their first five years.  After that initial five year permit, the cost drops to $175 every five years.

Q5: What is the largest dock I can have on Allatoona Lake?

A5: There are only 2 types of docks that are allowed on Allatoona Lake under the Shoreline Use Permit program.  The first type is a simple platform dock and it cannot exceed 200 square feet.  The second type is a boat slip dock and it cannot exceed 800 square feet.  Square footage is calculated by water surface area covered including all roofed areas and overhangs.

Q6: What is the Corps policy on driving a motorized vehicle to my dock?

A6: Operation of motorized vehicles of any kind off approved roadways are prohibited on public lands.  There are only 2 exceptions to this regulation.   Handicapped access needs will be permitted to use a slick tire golf cart or the something similar for ingress and egress to and from their home to their dock as long as its use does not create environmental issues.   A Permit for this can be obtained through the Operations Management Office and will require a note from your doctor stating your disability and need for handicapped access.  A permit can also be obtained for small light weight equipment to ingress and egress public lands due to dock work, however this permit is also pending use does not create environmental issues.   This Permit can also be obtained through the Operations Management Office.

Q7: I have a dock with a sundeck, can I build a canopy or roof on that sundeck for additional shade.

A7: No.  Any roofs of any kind on sundecks are not allowed.  The purpose of the dock is to provide a place for storage of a boat or other recreational equipment.  A sundeck or roof to a boat slip is allowed to create shelter for that recreational equipment to help keep it out of the weather.  Any additional roof structure for a dock is not necessary and is not allowed.  However small, portable, and temporary umbrellas and shades are permitted but cannot remain on the dock or sundeck for more than 24 hours at one time.

Q8: I want to add power and water to my dock, how do I get permission to do that?

A8: Power and water lines are permissible to some docks on the lake, but not all.  In many areas power and water lines are not allowed due to the long distance or terrain leading to their docks that would create environmental issues.  Also if you do not have direct unrestricted access to your dock, or you share a path to your dock with neighboring docks, chances are you are not eligible.  If you think you are eligible, contact the Operation Management Office to make a request.

Q9: What am I allowed to have on the shoreline in front of my dock?

A9: While your dock is your property, the land it connects to is not.  Since it is public land it is open to everyone to use.  Personal Property of any kind shall not be abandoned, stored, or left unattended upon project lands or waters.

Q10: Every summer the family comes to our house and we go down to the dock and have a campfire and cookout.  Is this permissible?

A10: Everyone is allowed on public lands.  Shoreline fires including campfires on the ground are prohibited.  However, portable pots that are off the ground are allowed as long as they do not damage the ground surface.  Portable pots, like all private property, must be removed from public lands after use.  


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