Annual Passes at Allatoona Lake

The annual day use pass is a hangtag which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

The pass is valid for 12 months from the month of sale and costs $40. For example, an annual day use
pass purchased any day in May of current year will expire on the 31 of May of the following year. The
hangtag will have a MAY month decal and the year decal will be for the following year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Annual Day Use Pass is accepted nationwide at all boat ramps and day
use areas operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; however, the annual day use pass will not be
accepted at camping facilities.



Currently the project management office is closed to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic, so annual
day use passes can be purchased and redeemed at the Day Use Areas listed below. Annual passes can
be paid for at the fee machines within these Day Use Areas. At that point, purchasers must have the
receipt in hand when redeeming for the annual pass hangtag. Please display receipt on vehicle
dashboard until redeemed for the actual hangtag. The Allatoona Lake Project has transitioned to a
cashless/checkless payment and only accepts card payment. All fee machines accept American Express,
Discover, Master Card and Visa credit cards.

• Blockhouse Ramp
• Galts Ferry Day Use Area
• Kellogg Day Use Area
• Payne Campground/Ramp
• Old Hwy 41 #1 Day Use Area
• Riverside Day Use Area
• Stamp Ramp
• Sweetwater Day Use Area
• Tanyard Ramp
• Victoria Day Use Area

Volunteers on site at Day Use Areas can redeem annual pass receipts during gatehouse hours on
weekends during the recreation season. When redeeming an annual pass receipt, a hangtag will be
exchanged for the receipt. During normal circumstances one has 7 days to redeem an annual pass
receipt; however, due to Covid-19 one now has 30 days from the purchase date to redeem for annual
pass hangtag. For further information, please call 678-721-6700.

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