All persons in possession of an ARL Wildlife Use Permit agree to read and abide by the terms outlined in these regulations prior to accessing COE lands.   All state, federal and local laws governing these activities also apply.  The Wildlife Use Permit does not include trapping.  Any trapping activities must have written permission from the COE Resource Manager.  Please refer to and print the online Wildlife Use Brochure for questions on acreage of each area, safety requirements, and types of animals that can be hunted on each area.  The Wildlife Use Brochure is a valuable tool to have when scouting on COE lands.  The permit must be signed & dated to be valid.  Hunting is permitted only on the areas indicated on the Wildlife Use Brochure and waters and is subject to the following exceptions and restrictions. NO FOOD PLOTS WILL BE PLANTED THIS YEAR.


1. All hunters, regardless of age, are required to complete a valid COE Wildlife Use Permit and abide by instructions on permit while hunting COE lands. Permit must be signed, dated and displayed on the dash of the vehicle so that the name, address and date are visible from outside the vehicle. Bottom portion of permit containing hunter information must be carried on hunters’ person while hunting.

2. For safety, hunters less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (21 years of age or older).

3. No hunting or trapping is allowed within 1000' of any dam or powerhouse and within 300’ of any road, hiking trail, or building.

Note: Waterfowl hunters should be aware that COE only has an easement on much of the property around and beneath the lakes. Hunters must have permission from the landowner before accessing or wading on private property.

4. All firearms in boats under way must be unloaded and cased.

5. The following weapon and ammunition rules apply:

    A) No rifles or handguns allowed on COE property.

    B) Legal firearms for small game are shotguns with shot size number 6 or smaller.

    C) All waterfowl hunters must use non-toxic shot.

    D) Legal weapons for deer, turkey, and hog hunting are archery only.  Crossbows are not allowed for turkey hunting.  Hog hunting is allowed year –        round.  There is no closed season on hogs.

6. All wildlife game species may be harvested within the season framework and bag limit restrictions set by state and federal regulations. All designated hunting areas will list the acreage size and species allowed for hunting at each area. 

7. Only portable tree stands are allowed and must be removed daily. Climbing spikes are not permitted.

8. Hunter's orange is required during all open gun seasons for deer ­and must be worn in accordance with state regulations.

9. Motorized vehicle operation is not permitted off designated roadways.  ATV operation is strictly prohibited on COE property.

10. Camping is allowed in designated camping areas only.

11. Dogs are allowed for hunting small game after state deer season. Waterfowl hunting using dogs is allowed the entire waterfowl season.

12. Small game hunting with dogs may be allowed in certain areas during deer season.  See brochure for details.

13. Baiting and/or feeding of wildlife on ARL project land is prohibited.

Forfeiture of hunting privileges: Any violation of federal, state or local hunting, trespass or game regulations may result in forfeiture of the COE permit and privileges for a period to be determined by a review board. The violator will also be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

For more hunting opportunities, see Lowndes Wildlife Management Area at

If you witness a hunting policy violation or a violation of Title 36, please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Staff at (334) 682-4244.





Permission is hereby granted to:





Expiration Date:  8/31/2014

for wildlife use on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lands located on the ARL in accordance with Federal and State regulations as supplemented.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the Alabama River Lakes hunting Regulations.





(Permit Void Unless Signed and Dated)










(Place top portion on dash of the vehicle)


(Detach bottom portion and keep in possession while hunting)

Alabama River Lakes Wildlife Use Permit 2013-2014







Expiration Date:  8/31/2014