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Format Title Number Date Size
PDF Detroit District: Ludington, Michigan, to Michigan City, Indiana ERDC/RSM-DB1 July 2005 (rev) 594 KB
PDF Jacksonville District: Northeast Florida ERDC/RSM-DB2 July 2005 (rev) 308 KB
PDF Jacksonville District: Southwest Florida ERDC/RSM-DB3 June 2003 460 KB
PDF Mobile District: Northern Gulf of Mexiso ERDC/RSM-DB4 June 2003 2.58 MB
PDF Los Angeles District: State of California ERDC/RSM-DB5 June 2003 2.12 MB
PDF Philadelphia District: Cape May County, New Jersey ERDC/RSM-DB6 June 2003 960 KB
PDF Portland District: Mouth of Columbia River, Oregon and Washington ERDC/RSM-DB7 June 2003 2.02 MB
PDF New York District: Endangered Shore Birds Habitat, Long Island, New York ERDC/RSM-DB8 June 2003 1.08 KB
PDF New York District: Town of Hempstead, Long Island, New York ERDC/RSM-DB9 June 2003 528 KB
PDF New York District: Regional Sediment Budget for Long Island, New York ERDC/RSM-DB10 June 2003 630 KB
PDF South Atlantic Division: Regional Sediment Management Demonstration Project ERDC/RSM-DB11 June 2003 370 KB
PDF Honolulu District: Southease Oahu, Hawaii ERDC/RSM-DB12 N/A 354 KB
PDF Northwestern Division: Program Management Plan for Regional Sediment Management ERDC/RSM-DB13 N/A 87 KB