ADEM CONDITIONS FOR COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATIONPursuant the Alabama Coastal Area Management Program, ADEM issued project consistency for a period not to exceed five (5) years from the date of issuance [1 October 2016].  ADEM reserves the right to suspend or revoke any general permit which may be determined to have a significant impact on coastal resources or which is found to be inconsistent with the management program. To ensure that activities which are conducted within the coastal area of Alabama and authorized by the general permits are in compliance with the Alabama Coastal Area Management Program, the consistency determination was conditioned as follows:


NOTE: Special condition CZM-4 only pertains to the Alabama General Permit ALG10-2011 - Living Shorelines.


CZM-1.  Tear sheet General Permits may not be issued within Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama.


CZM-2.  A copy of the General Permit authorization and corresponding joint application for Mobile and Baldwin Counties must be provided to the ADEM Coastal/Facility Section, 4171 Commanders Drive, Mobile, Alabama 36615.


CZM-3.  Failure by the permittee to comply with applicable water quality certification conditions may constitute a violation of this coastal consistency certification resulting in suspension of State certification to the permittee’s individual General Permit authorization.


CZM-4.  Applicable to ALG10-2011 - Living Shorelines only.  For activities to be conducted in Mobile and Baldwin Counties the applicant shall provide copies to the ADEM Coastal Program Office of any/all wetland delineations, hydrographic surveys, submerged grassbed surveys and/or rhizome cross-sectional surveys required by the Corps of Engineers as part of the application.