Master Guide Specifications

Unified Facility Guide Specifications (UFGS) are now in CSI MasterFormatTM 2004. Construction specification packages for the U.S. Army Engineer District, Mobile, are prepared using SpecsIntact (SI). SI is an automated system for preparing standardized construction specifications. SI was created for NASA, NAVFAC, and USACE and draws from a master collection of files to create a project/job.

Certain Mobile Master Guide Specifications shall be used instead of those sections provided in the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). The Mobile Master Guide Specifications are tailored for projects constructed within the district. When a project is created in SI, the system automatically adds Sections 01 33 00 and 01 42 00 to the job. UFGS section 01 33 00 needs to be deleted and the district's 01 33 00 added.

NOTE:  Pleas be advised that the UFGS Masters are updated periodically. It is recommended that you read all notes for the instructions.  You must have the most recent version of SPECSINTACT Software downloaded for the system to operate correctly.  

Electronic copies of the latest UFGS may be downloaded from the Whole Building Design Guide website at On that page click the “Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)” link, go to the appropriate specification section, and click on the appropriate ZIP link to download the SpecsIntact file(s).

The latest updates of the SpecsIntact program may be obtained at This site has links to the latest Master Specifications produced by UFGS.

A/E’s should download the .sec files, into the location of your "\SISGML\MASTERS\". Submittal procedures use the UFGS format.

Submittal of project specifications for Electronic Bid Set (EBS): Once a project is complete, it should be submitted to the Project Support Section through the Project Architect/Engineer (PAE). The project directory, under "\SISGML\JOBS\" should be copied entirely and identified on the disk/CD.

All projects will be edited from the latest UFGS and CESAM Masters; Do not insert a specification section from an old project into a new project. If a specification section is needed and not provided in the UFGS, the section may be typed in SGML-SI format and identified per the latest 48-division CSI format.

Guide Specifications in 16-division CSI MasterFormatTM 1995 can be provided if requested for revision of specifications downloaded prior to the April 2006 update. No project will be accepted with use of both the 16-division CSI MasterFormatTM 1995 and 48-division CSI MasterFormatTM 2004. 

For more information contact the Mobile District Specification Coordinator at (251) 690-2713 or (251) 694-3624.