Winners for FY-11





Small Medium Large Very Large
Barlovento Rush Peak SAUER-INC. Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
W91278-07-D-0074 0012 W91278-10-C-0046 W91278-07-D-0030 0002 W91278-09-C-0017
Tyndall Resident Office Cape/Patrick Resident Office MacDill Resident Office 7th Special Forces Complex
AF North 601 Bulk Storage Satellite Operations Support BRAC ADAL 55/6 7 SFG Resident Office
Project Engineer: Dan Messier Project Engineer: Timothy Roscoe Project Engineer: Martin Burns Project Engineer: Miranda K. Griffin





Small Large
Externa S. A. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering
W91278-09-D-00711 0005 W91278-09-D-0067 0002
Honduras Resident Office EL Salvador Resident Office
Recreational Center D/B CN Infrastructure Facilities Caldera, Costa Rica
Project Engineer:  Alfredo Torres Project Engineer:  Fabian Pinos


Contractors/Resident Office of the Year



Contractor Resident Office Subcontractor
B.L. Harbert 7 SFG Resident Office Peaden

7 SFG Resident Office
7th Special Forces Complex - Phase I