Hurricane and Emergency Response

Contact your Supervisor

In the event of an emergency, personnel should first make every effort to contact their supervisors in accordance with locally established plans. USACE established a toll-free number/email for personnel accountability during emergencies when local personnel accountability procedures cannot be followed. 1-877-HI-USACE (1-877-448-7223) or email

Tune In To Local Radio and TV

In the event of a situation where the District Office in Mobile, AL is closed down, District Office employees can tune in to one of the local radio and TV stations listed below for the latest Storm Alert Network information on Corps closings, etc. If the District Commander makes a decision to close the District Office because of a tropical storm or other natural disaster, that information will be forwarded to the media for an general public announcement.

Radio Stations

TV Broadcast Stations

FM 95 WKSJ WEAR Channel 3
FM 96.1 WRKH WALA Channel 10
FM 99.9 WMXC WPMI Channel 15