Shoreline Management

At West Point Lake, and many other Corps-managed reservoirs, a shoreline management plan was developed to govern the use of the shoreline by adjacent property owners.  This plan was developed with extensive public input and involvement and has been in place ever since the reservoir was built. 

The plan designates shoreline allocations, which govern the types of activities that may be permitted in specific areas.  The objective is to promote safe and healthy public use of the shoreline, while conserving the lake’s natural resources for current and future generations.  Preserving public access to the shoreline and to the lake is also a primary objective of the shoreline management plan.

The entire shoreline of the lake is owned by the United States Government and the Corps of Engineers is responsible for managing the reservoir and its surrounding, publicly-owned land.  The property line is well marked, with red stripes painted on trees along the line. 

Recent incidents involving unauthorized underbrush removal and similar violations on public property at the lake have indicated the need to issue this reminder.  Before removing underbrush or similar activities on lands adjacent to Corps-managed property, you must first file for a permit. West Point Lake will review each permit application on a case-by-case basis and determine whether to approve the permit application. Adjacent property owners or others who have questions regarding the use of public property at West Point Lake are asked to contact the Project Management Office at (706) 645-2937.