Reservoir Levels

Importance of Water Levels

Both high and low water levels on West Point Lake can impact how we use the reservoir including impacts to recreation, water supply, water quality, navigation, and many other uses. So it is important for the public to take a moment to review the latest water levels on the reservoir if they are preparing to visit West Point or live in or around the reservoir. 

The Mobile District provides a variety of tools to aid the public in their understanding of the water levels at our project lakes including current water levels, forecasted water levels, historical water levels, the schedule of water releases as well as many other resources. To obtain the daily reservoir level and power generation schedule at West Point Lake please call (706) 645-2929.

Impact on Safety

Water levels also have the potential to impact the safety of the public who use or live around the reservoir, connected rivers and tributaries. The Corps monitors these conditions to mark any navigation hazards and also urges the public to follow all applicable boating safety regulations.

Boaters are asked to e-mail us or call the West Point Project Management Office at (706) 645-2937, to report hazards discovered in the designated river and main tributary channels. 

Boating Safety Tips

  • Wear a life jacket at all times.
  • Remain alert for underwater hazards.
  • Stay within the marked channels as they delineate deeper water.    
  • Understand the different buoys and markers on the lake and what they mean.