Educational Resources

Life Jacket Loaner Program

Life jackets are available for individuals to borrow for the day at no charge. To borrow a life jacket visit one of our loaner stations at the entrances of Rocky Point, Earl Cook and Yellowjacket Recreation Areas as well as Amity, Holiday, Whitetail Ridge and R. Shaefer Heard Campgrounds.

West Point Lake is also always willing to accept donations of life jackets to ensure we have enough for our Life Jacket Loaner Program. If you are interested in donating a Coast Guard Approved life jackets in good condition please mail or visit the West Point Project Management Office.

Field Trips

Park Rangers are available throughout the year to meet with your students on the lake or in the classroom. Shelters at West Point Lake may be reserved in advance when scheduling a water safety program and powerhouse tours.  Please call (706) 645-2937 to schedule a Park Ranger visit.  

Environmental Talks

West Point Lake provides visitors with a unique outdoor experience.  Park Rangers are very knowledgable about the plants, wildlife and ecological systems that surround West Point Lake.  Special volunteer activities may be available through parts of the year for students to assist Park Rangers in habitat management projects.

Water Safety Videos

The Corps of Engineers has several water safety videos that can be loaned out to teachers or schools for educational purposes. For more information on these videos please call (706) 645-2937.