This is a new requirement for this solicitation.  Please follow instructions.  Background checks must be obtained each year for each attendant.  They are good for 1 Year ONLY.  Prior arrests or convictions may affect your eligibility for an award.

This is the announcement for Fall / Winter 2012-2013 Park Attendant Positions (PACs) that are available.  Prospective contractors must be registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) PRIOR TO CONTRACT AWARD.  You must provide telephone number where you can be reached for contract award.  It is your responsibility to review this solicitation for any changes that may occur.  Any questions please call Contracting Division at phone number below.


For More Information Contact:  Contracting Division at 251-441-6501 and ask to speak with the Gate Attendant Team.

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 Park Attendant Information

Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Park Attendant Information


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

The following information will apply for the 2012-2013 Fall/Winter Park Attendant Contractor Contracts.

There will be a total of 6 contracts available for bid. They are as follows:

Allatoona Lake will have 2 Park Attendant Positions.

Walter F. George will have 2 Park Attendant Positions.

West Point will have 2 Park Attendant Positions.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to budget constraints for the operation of Government parks, it is requested that you quote your “Best Possible Price.” Bids are due back into the Contracting Office by 2:00PM CST, Friday, August 10, 2012.

The solicitation includes various clauses, one Scope of Work, and individual local policies for each particular Park Attendant Position. It is important that you review this information. In the local policies (these will be in your REQUEST FOR QUOTATION for that particular lake/site), you will find the name and telephone number of the individual to contact for that particular position for clarification of specifications, directions and locations of the park attendant positions, and to arrange for a tour of the parks.

You must also provide a copies of your last three performance evaluations or a reference letter from your last three duty locations.

There is also information supplied in the Scope of Work regarding the amount required for the Surety Bond for each particular Park Gate Attendant Position. Attached you will find information regarding Surety Bond Requirements and some suggested sources for obtaining this bond. Surety Bonds for Park Attendant Positions must be submitted to this office before commencement of work.

Please mail your bid package to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,  ATTN: Gate Attendants (CT-S), P.O. Box 2288, Mobile, AL 36628-0001.

Complete and return the “Contractor Data Information Sheet” and “Bid Schedule” (RFQ Line Items) where you will indicate your bid amount. Please return this along with the 1st Page of the STANDARD FORM 1449, ”SOLICITATION/CONTRACT/ORDER FOR COMMERCIAL ITEMS,” on which BOTH Park Attendant Contractors (PACs) MUST sign in BLOCK 20.   A bid must be entered for each Park Attendant Position in which you are interested. The Government Estimate is indicated on the RFQ Bid Sheet and in the Scope of Work.

Last…but “Most important”…you are strongly urged to provide a telephone number where you may be reached on the date of:  24 August 2012 for contract award. If attempts to reach you are unsuccessful, you may not receive a contract award for this Park Attendant Contractor (PACs) Cycle.

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Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Park Attendant Contractors (PAC)

Request for Quotation


NOTE:  Read this solicitation in its entirety prior to submitting your bid.  You are responsible for adhering to all applicable requirements as outlined herein.


If you cannot view the RFQ sheet, you can download a

FREE copy of Excel Viewer here.  Print the document and enter your bid manually.

SF 1449 – Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items