Twiltley Campground is the only full-service campground managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Okatibbee Lake, an 11,000 acre multi-purpose recreation area in eastern Mississippi. The Twiltley Branch campgrounds have electric, water and sanitary facilities. Camping fees are charged to help offset the costs of operation and maintenance. For more information contact the Twiltley Branch Campground at (601) 626-8068.

Patrons of Okatibbee Lake enjoy more than 4,000 acres of water surface in the Pascagoula River Basins with four boat ramps and three designated swimming areas. Water sports on the lake include including fishing and water skiing. Extensive beaver flowages, stump beds and old creek channels provide abundant cover where anglers battle largemouth and striped bass. Fishing from the banks also yields a good amount of crappie, bass and bream.

In addition to a world-class fishing experience, Okatibbee Lake has an abundance of interesting wildlife including eagles and hawks for hikers to enjoy. Within a short distance from the campgrounds, patrons can explore Chicasawhay and Okatibbee Creeks and the Okatibbee State Wildlife Area.



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