Lake Lanier is well known as a productive fishing lake.  Many species of fish thrive in the lake.  The lake has approximately 39,000 surface acres of water at its full level. 

Although there is little natural cover in the top 1/3 of the lake due to tree clearing during construction, there are trees left standing in the lower portions of the lake as well as brush piles, drop-offs, submerged humps, and rock outcroppings in shallower areas.  A navigation map will be helpful for finding these spots and is available in the map room.

The Corps of Engineers, in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources actively manages fish habitat on Lake Lanier.  Each year volunteers help build and maintain fish attractors around the lake.  Information about fish attractor structures may be obtained the map room.

Trout fishing below Buford Dam is also popular.  The cold waters released from the bottom of the lake support rainbow, brown and brook trout that are stocked in the river by the GA DNR.  Fishing is permitted year-round.  However, fishermen must use extreme caution when fishing below the dam and abide by special safety regulations.

Little Hall Fishing Complex

In an effort to provide a unique and enjoyable recreation experience for Lake Lanier anglers participating in tournaments, the Corps of Engineers has constructed the Little Hall Fishing Tournament Complex. This facility features a sheltered pavilion, 3 fish holding tanks with water pumped aeration, seating for 150 spectators and a courtesy mooring dock that will accommodate up to 30 vessels. There is also a designated area for sponsor displays with electrical hookups.

This facility will be open year-round and is available upon payment of special facility fee. Tournament use will be permitted 24 hours a day. The pavilion is to be used primarily as a weigh in station for fishing tournaments, but other non-fishing tournament events will also be considered for use.

The daily rate for the tournament complex is $50.00 per event in addition to all other fees. The permittee must also pay special event fee and daily park entry fee for use of this facility. The reserving party should have in their possession the special events permit when they use the tournament complex.

The tournament complex will be fully restored to prior condition and no cost shall accrue to the government. To avoid damage to the facility, eyebolts have been installed for the hanging of banners or displays. No nails, hangers, screws or bolts will be driven into the facility.

Parking will be limited to a maximum of 75% of available space for events scheduled at the Little Hall Fishing Complex. A parking attendant must be provided by the permittee to assure proper parking and use of facilities for any group that intends to utilize the maximum parking capacity (100 boats). If it is necessary to have more vehicles than the maximum capacity, adjacent ramps will be utilized as a supplement to Little Hall. Additional ramps nearby include War Hill, Bolding Mill, Duckett Mill or Keith’s Bridge Park.    

It will be necessary to secure certain areas of this facility. The holding tanks, leader board and power panel will be secured by combination lock. This combination will be given to the permittee in the permit or by telephone. It will be the responsibility of the permittee to drain tanks, shut off lights and secure the facilities after each use. If any damage occurs as a result of failure to do so, the government will seek restitution.