Special Events Permits

Special events and activities held on Corps of Engineers property and waters such as fishing tournaments, boat regattas, weddings, rowing events, special recreation programs and any other organized events require written permission granted by the District Engineer.  The Corps manages events through a Special Events Permit Program that is designed to minimize scheduling conflicts by groups, prevents overuse of the lake, ensure equal access to recreation areas, and enhance public safety.

All Special Events must be requested by completing an application at least 30 days prior to the event.  Requests may be accepted no more than 12 months in advance of the event.  This permit is in addition to any permits that may be required by Department of Natural Resources, US Coast Guard, and/or Florida Wildlife Commission for water related events.

Special Events held within lease areas must follow the application process to be permitted by the Corps, however, applicable fees will be determined by Operations Manager regarding the event's impact.

Fishing tournaments: A minimum $75.00 fee will be charged for each event.  The Special Event fee does not include day-use fees (i.e., boat ramp fee and shelter rentals).  Annual Passes are honored.

Boat regattas/races: A minimum $75.00 permit fee is charged for each event.  Permits will be required from US Coast Guard and/or Department of Natural Resources or Florida Wildlife Commission, along with $1,000,000 liability insurance that names the US Government as an additional insured party for races.  Regattas liability insurance policy varies.

Other events: Organized events held on government property, including project waters, such as weddings, graduations, and special utilization events require a minimum $75.00 permit fee.  Reservation of entire park is prohibited.

Charity and Patriotic Event:  The Special Event permit fee may be waived based on favorable attention being focused on the Corps.  These events include fundraisers for national charity efforts, celebration of national holidays and other worthy effects.  Such events are permitted on a case by case basis to determine its impacts and applicable fees.

Reservation of a group shelter for a wedding, will be exempt from Special Event permit fee if entire ceremony is held within shelter.

When submitting payment by check or money order, make payable to:    UFC, FAO Officer, USAED.  Cash nor credit card is accepted. Permit fees may be submitted in person or mailed to:

Woodruff-Seminole Site Office
P.O. Box 96 
Chattahoochee, FL  32324

For more information, please contact the Special Events coordinator, 229-662-2001.

Special Events Permit Application