The shoreline boundaries of Lake Seminole is owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The Corps is responsible for managing the reservoir and its shoreline.  Adjacent landowners are not allowed to alter, or store personal property on these lands without a permit from the Woodruff-Seminole Site Office.  Permits are authorized in shoreline areas designated as "Limited Development"  for such activities as docks, underbrushing, and utilities as described in the Lake Seminole Shoreline Management Plan.  Permits are also authorized in "Protected Areas" for minor modifications to vegetation to create a pathway.  All other areas are non-permittable.  You can reference the Shoreline Allocation Map to see what areas are permittable.
Every year different sections of the boundary line are inspected.  Boundary line trees, also known as witness trees, are not to be tampered with, defaced, or destroyed.
An Encroachment is un-authorized alteration of land or placement of personal property on public lands.  Some minor encroachments include: recreational equipment left on shoreline, patio furniture, construction debris, burn piles, etc.
Some major encroachments include: unpermitted roadways, buildings, decks, swimming pools, sheds, fences, etc.  All encroachments, whether minor or major, are treated the same and may result in a citation to appear before the Federal Magistrate if the encroachment is not resolved.

Items that are allowed on public lands on a temporary basis, and are considered light and portable include: chairs, grills, coolers, pop-up canopy tents, or other recreation items that can been used for a day at the lake.  However, these items must be removed from public lands at day's end.

For more information on Boundary Lines and Encroachments, please contact the Shoreline Management Section at Woodruff-Seminole Project Office, 229-662-2001.