Here are elevations maps of The Appalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint River System.  The maps encompass Woodruff-Seminole, George W. Andrews, and Walter F. George Lake projects spanning from Columbus,Ga to the Gulf of Mexico. 

The maps reflect the elevations of the rivers at full pool.  Please reference the Lake Levels to acquire a better estimate of the current conditions.  At full pool, Lake Seminole is 77.5 feet, George W. Andrews is 102.00 feet, and Walter F. George Lake is 190.00 feet.

All elevations are displayed in mean height sea-level.  The maps are shown in PDF format.

Lake Seminole

Lake George W. Andrews

Appalachicola II

Appalachicola IV

Walter F. George Lake

Appalachicola I

Appalachicola III