Bridge Clearances

Before you hit the water, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment onboard.  PFDs, fire extinguisher, sound making device, just to name a few.  In addition to having the proper safety equipment, its also good to know where your vessel can or cannot navigate when you visit Lake Seminole.  When making your boating plans, make note of the bridge locations and its clearance to promote safe travels while on the water.

Recreation boaters are advised to be cautious of commercial traffic on the waterway. Please be aware of possible underwater hazards and low-hanging power lines. If you are not familiar with the area, we recommend you remain inside the channel markers when moving.  Remember that all federal, state and local boating laws apply on the Lake Seminole. Please obey navigational markers and exercise good judgment on the water.

Bridges with Navigational Clearance

 County Road / Highway  River  Vertical Clearance 


SR 1 (US27) – SR 38 (US 84)   Flint

37 feet 

 Decatur SR 1B (Calhoun St.)   Flint 40 feet
 Seminole SR 91   Chattahoochee  37 feet
 Seminole  Hwy 90 (Veterans Memorial Hwy)  Apalachicola  40 feet


Bridges without Navigational Clearance 

County  Road / Highway  River  Bridge Height 
 Decatur SR 253  Spring Creek  17 feet 
 Seminole SR 253  Fish Pond Drain  13 feet
 Seminole SR 374   Fish Pond Drain  8 feet
 Seminole  CR 278 (Old SR 374)  Turkey Pond Drain  11 feet
 Jackson SR 271  Chattahoochee Tributary   13 feet
 Jackson  SR 271  Chattahoochee Tributary  6 feet

**Note: Bridge Height is measured from the top of the bridge deck down to the water surface level.

The vertical clearance and bridge height are measured at 77.50 msl for Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers. Apalachicola River stage may vary.  For up-to-date stats on the lake elevation and boat ramp levels, return to the Homepage.

Bridge clearance heights were obtained from Georgia DOT and Florida DOT.