Carters Lake offers fishermen plenty of opportunity with more than 3,200 surface acres of deep clear water, a 1,000 acre re-regulation pool and the Coosawattee River nearby.

Shoreline fishing locations are limited due to the steep shoreline terrain, but there are several locations with boat ramps at the Dam site, Doll Mountain, Woodring Branch, Ridgeway and the Reregulation Pool.

The lower lake can be accessed from a boat ramp near the Carters Powerhouse off Old Hwy 411.  Reregulation pool conditions (water depth and surface acres) fluctuate based on powerhouse water discharge.

Swift water fishing in the Coosawattee River can be found below the reregulation dam.  Two concrete fishing decks have been constructed along the river accessible from Old Hwy 411. Visitors to the north reregulation area can reserve a large group picnic shelter or use individual picnic tables. The south side fishing location has a hiking trail, a handicapped accessible ramp and picnic tables.  Bathrooms are found in both riverside fishing areas. 

An active annual fish stocking program by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources along with native fish found in the lake provide diversity for anglers. Fish species include bass (largemouth, smallmouth, hybrid, stripped, spotted) crappie, walleye, bream and catfish.

Special Activity/Event permits are required for all fishing tournaments held on the waters of Carters Lake. The permits are from $50-$75 depending on number of participants and require liability insurance for greater than 50 boats. To acquire a permit contact the Carters Lake Ranger Office at (706) 334-2248.

Water Safety Tips

  • Always wear an approved life jacket.
  • Know and obey all boating laws.
  • Comply with all warning signs around locks and dams
  • Be alert to underwater hazards such as submerged stumps, logs and rocks. 
  • Be careful when approaching the shoreline. The depth of water varies from time to time and place to place.  
  • File a trip plan with someone to let them know where you will be and when you plan to return. 
  • Do not overload your boat. Remember, safe boating is not overloading. 
  • Always swim in designated swimming areas.
  • Never dive into water of unknown depth. 
  • Keep children under close supervision at all times. 
  • Do not use alcohol while in, on or around the water.

Fish Stocking



Number Stocked

1995 Walleye 3 million
1997 Striped Bass 32,224
1998 Striped Bass 20,382
2000 Walleye 2.8 million
  Striped Bass 32,687
2003 Striped Bass 16,102
  Hybrid Bass 19,300
  Walleye 25,000
2004 Striped Bass 16,100
  Walleye 54,400
  Hybrid Bass 16,400
2005 Striped Bass 16,000
  Walleye 23,500
  Hybrid Bass 14,200
2006 Walleye 33,844
  Hybrid Bass 289,80
  Striped Bass 16,100
2007 Walleye 121,346
  Hybrid Bass 64,400
  Striped Bass 16,100
2008 Walleye 82,096
  Hybrid Bass 74,273
  Striped Bass 16,097
2009 Walleye 99,623
  Hybrid Bass 64,400
  Striped Bass 31,752
2010 Walleye 124,795
  Hybrid Bass 68,440
  Striped Bass 16,680