What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure activity for users of global positioning systems (GPS). Individuals and organizations set up geocaches (caches) all over the world and share their locations, often through the Internet. GPS users can then find the caches through published coordinates and site descriptions. Most commonly, a geocache is an object or container holding small objects for exchange. The finder may remove the enclosed "prize" and leave another, sign a logbook, or utilize a number of variations.

Geocaching may be allowed on Black Warrior & Tombigbee Corps of Engineers property in accordance with all state and local, as well as Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 (CFR 36) rules and regulations, as long as the activity is being conducted in a non-obtrusive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where CAN'T you hide a Geocache?

  • In designated restricted areas
  • If the cache, directly or indirectly, would negatively affect ecologically, environmentally, or socially sensitive areas (threatened or endangered species, critical habitats, cultural resources, tribal lands without consent, etc.).
  • In areas that may pose safety risks, such as unstable banks, cliffs, or other potential hazards.
  • Where geocaching activities may interfere with established public uses, such as boat launching, picnicking, swimming, etc.
  • Below normal operating pool levels.
  • Where geocaching activities may interfere with the operation of the project.
  • In areas where the security of the project and/or public safety would be at risk. 

How can I create a new Geocache on the Black Warrior & Tombigbee Lakes?

  • If you are interested in creating a new geocache in a Corps of Engineers park please let us know what kind of cache you are hiding and where you would like to hide it by contacting the Demopolis Site Office at (334) 289-3540.Please Note: Geocaching is allowed in our parks at Holt, Oliver, Warrior, Demopolis, and Coffeeville lakes provided the terms on this page are met.

Where can you find Geocaches on the Black Warrior & Tombigbee project?

  • There are several Geocaches on the Black Warrior & Tombigbee Lakes not including the Corps of Engineers Water Safety Cache. These caches stay very active especially in the winter months. To make the search easier, to look for cashes at Holt Lake put in Tuscaloosa as a reference point, Warrior Lake use Eutaw, Demopolis Lake use Demopolis, and Coffeeville Lake use Coffeeville.  The Black Warrior & Tombigbee Staff have placed a geocache to find:  Water Safety Cache on Foscue Creek (Code:  GC1ENQF)