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                                                                                                              Speaker's Bureau!

Need a ranger to talk to your class about water and boating safety? Call us at (678)721-6700 and ask for the interpretative ranger.




                                                                                                      Teacher Resources and Videos

Safe Passage

Safe Passage is a video that teaches children about water safety.  Join Jason and Holly as they discover a magical compass that takes them on a whirlwind water safety adventure.  During the 38-minute video, children and adults will learn important lessons about swimming, dams, rivers, boating, fishing, and water rescue techniques.  Safe Passage lesson plans, activity sheets, and interactive exercises are available, please click below for further information.  

Safe Passage


The Young and the Reckless


A free video that teaches middle and high school students about boating safety.  In a comical way, students compare driving a boat to driving a car in an exciting competition. Free videos may be requested by contacting            


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Corps of Engineers' National Water Safety Program


View the water safety catalog, download clipart, and learn about innovative water safety activities.

Education Center

Visit the Corps' online Education Center for activities that can be used in classrooms, science projects, or other educational environments.

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   To download water safety bookmarks for your classroom.  Please click here.

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