Water Safety Tips


When visiting Allatoona Lake, we recommend that you follow these safety tips:


  Children should wear a properly fitted Coast Guard approved personal flotation device around the water.  
  Inflatable rings and floats are not approved personal flotation devices when on or near the water. 
  Never swim alone.  Always swim parallel to the shore and never across a body of water. 
  Stay close to shore and out of the boating channels and traffic.  Boats have the right-of-way. 
  Never dive in head first if you can't see the bottom.  There may be an unseen rock or stump or the water might be shallow. 
  Never go into the water impaired from alcohol or drugs.
  Spending more than 4 hours on the water can cause fatigue. Monitor for potential symptoms of fatigue and seek out a shade-covered location on land at the earliest possible opportunity.