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Mobile District Host Hurricane Industry Day

USACE, Mobile District
Published June 20, 2024
Woman standing in front of a classroom giving a presentation on hurricanes.

Jessica Chace, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Mobile/Pensacola, kicked off Hurricane Industry Day with an insightful presentation on the upcoming hurricane season. Speaking to a gathering of industry experts and stakeholders, Chace highlighted the latest forecasts, potential impacts, and the importance of preparedness for the region. The event took place at the International Trade Center in Mobile, AL on June 18, 2024.

Man stand in front of a classroom giving a presentation on hurricanes.

Nathaniel Lovelace, Chief of Coastal Offices for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District, delivers a detailed presentation at Hurricane Industry Day. The event, held at the International Trade Center on June 18, 2024, brought together industry experts and stakeholders to discuss strategies and innovations for hurricane preparedness and response.

By Jeremy Murray

MOBILE, Ala. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, in partnership with the United States Coast Guard and the Alabama State Port Authority, hosted an in-person Industry Day on June 19th at the International Trade Center in Mobile, launch preparations for the 2024 hurricane season.

This event gathered industry stakeholders, emergency response teams, and community leaders to discuss strategies and preparedness measures for the upcoming hurricane season.

The event was kicked off with an presentation by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Mobile office. NOAA representatives provided an overview of the 2024 hurricane season, discussing the forecasted number of storms, potential intensity, and the likelihood of landfall in the Gulf Coast area. This presentation set the stage for the day’s discussions by highlighting the importance of preparedness and the anticipated challenges for the season.

Nathaniel Lovelace, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District, Coastal Offices Chief, led the event, emphasizing the importance of interagency collaboration and the role of the Corps in flood risk management and infrastructure resilience. Lovelace emphasized the commitment of USACE to work closely with partner agencies to ensure a unified and effective response to hurricanes.

“The hurricane industry day is a good time to reconnect waterway users, ports, federal and state agencies.” Said Lovelace, “today has been a great way to ensure both new and existing participants know what to do and the value of relationships.”

The event sparked discussions and questions among the participants on critical topics. Attendees actively engaged in dialogues about improving coordination between agencies, adopting new technologies for better forecasting and response, and enhancing community outreach programs to ensure that residents are well-prepared for potential hurricane impacts. The open forum allowed industry representatives, emergency managers, and community leaders to share their insights and experiences, fostering a collaborative environment focused on improving hurricane preparedness.

The event concluded with a commitment from all parties to continue strengthening their partnerships and refining their strategies to face the challenges of the 2024 hurricane season. The collaborative efforts highlighted the importance of a unified approach to disaster preparedness, aiming to reduce risks and ensure the safety and well-being of Gulf Coast communities.