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81-year-old Allatoona Lake Volunteer Dedicated to Enhancing the Park

USACE, Mobile District
Published July 22, 2021
81-year-old Allatoona Lake Volunteer Dedicated to Enhancing the Park

81-year-old Allatoona Lake Volunteer Dedicated to Enhancing the Park

MOBILE, Ala. – Jimmy Moore, an 81-year-old Allatoona Lake volunteer from Tennessee, who says he “fell in love,” with the Army Corps of Engineer's recreational park, is one of the many dedicated park volunteers at the facility.

Volunteers play a vital role in helping the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks and park rangers, by contributing needed assistance in the day-to-day activities of running of running the parks.

Moore first moved to Allatoona Lake from Tennessee in 2016, so he could be closer to his daughter. after his wife passed away

In the six years he has been at Allatoona he has done numerous jobs and activities that have contributed greatly to the success of Allatoona Lake and its Volunteer Village.

“Jimmy Moore has been here since April 2016, and he has done a lot in helping our park,” said Chris Purvis, Lead Ranger in charge of the Volunteer Village program. “He has pressure washed about every piece of concrete on Allatoona Lake, painted stripes in our parking lots, trimmed back brush and built fish attractors out of the excess bamboo in the park to help the fish habitat in our lake.”

“He and the other volunteers do so much that we weren’t able to do before. It’s been a great experience having him and the other volunteers here,” said Purvis

Moore, who was South Atlantic Division’s nominee in 2018 for National Volunteer of the Year, said that his goal in doing all that he does is to make guests to Allatoona Lake see how nice the park is and to make the campgrounds nicer.

“I’m always trying to do something to better the park and the campgrounds,” said Moore “I do the shrubbery around the park, pressure wash our docks and buildings, anything to make the park look better and more attractive to the guests. I also built the fish attractors so the smaller fish would have a safe haven, so they won’t be eaten by bigger fish and have a chance to grow and enhance the lake.”

Moore attributes the real reason the volunteers and the Volunteer Village has been so successful is due to the work Purvis has done

“Chris (Purvis) is an extraordinary man and he has a heart for people,” Moore said. “He goes out of the way to give all of us opportunities to serve. I wouldn’t have accomplished anything that I have if it weren’t for him.”

Purvis said that having Moore and the rest of the volunteers in Volunteer Village working with him has been a pleasure.

“It’s been a great experience since I took over the program in 2015,” Purvis said. “I’ve been allowed to let our volunteers do what they can, within reason, and they have done so much more than I ever thought they would. They do a tremendous amount of work for our people and Jimmy and the others have changed the way we operate at Allatoona Lake.”

As for Moore he says that despite his age, he plans on doing what he is doing for as long as he can.

“I’m just going to keep on working,” Moore said. “You know when people get older you have to stay active, that’s how you stay healthy. I’m not planning on leaving. I’ve been here six years and have built great relationships with all of the people here. I’m going to keep on doing whatever needs to be accomplished.”