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Posted 11/27/2017

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By John Barker, Mobile District, public affairs specialist

Cherryl Weeks is a 39-year veteran of the Corps of Engineers and a four-time veteran of being deployed to disaster areas. Weeks, a Mobile District program analyst, just returned home after a four-week deployment to Puerto Rico and will be headed back again soon.

Why does Weeks volunteer for these assignments?

“I like helping those in need,” Weeks said, who was deployed Oct. 5 and returned Nov. 4 but said she will be going back on Nov. 30 for another 30 days.

While on deployment, Weeks performs the same job she does while in the district, funds management.

“Cherryl is all heart,” said Pete Taylor, deputy for Programs and Project Management. “It doesn’t surprise me in the least when Cherryl volunteers like this. When she’s here, she helps everybody she can. I know when she goes back she’ll be the same helpful resource.”

In addition to Puerto Rico, Weeks has been deployed to Afghanistan; Birmingham, Ala.; and New York.

“Puerto Rico was my most rewarding deployment, seeing the devastation first hand and knowing I was helping in some way,” she said.