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Posted 7/13/2017

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By John Barker
USACE Mobile

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, recently completed a $9.5 million modernization project which will keep the Army’s combat vehicles moving at Anniston Army Depot, in Anniston, Ala.

"This project will modernize 41,000 square feet of the existing facility where metal cleaning, finishing and painting takes place," said Phillip Trued, Anniston Army Depot chief of staff.  "With these improvements, we can more efficiently provide soldiers in the field with high quality and reliable vehicles."

“Modernizing building 409 at the Anniston Army Depot, meant turning it into an optimized metal cleaning, finishing and painting facility,” said Chad McLeod, area engineer, South Alabama Area Office. “The mission of those in building 409 is to refurbish parts for Army combat vehicles like the Stryker, tanks and personnel carriers.”

During the 902-day, design-build project, contractors had to replace and improve the chemical vat area which included a new separation wall and new concrete containment pit. A new paint booth area and welding shop were also added; and the radiator shop was relocated. New building HVAC and plumbing improvements were also made, along with electrical improvements. The administration area and break room were renovated; and a new break room and safety suit storage area were created.

A total of 17 new chemical vats were included in the project. Vats hold acids, alkaline and paint strippers. The vats have heaters to raise the temperature of the contents and improve the method of mixing the liquid. Rinse tanks were also added.

“The existing chemical vat pit area required cleaning and significant rework,” said McLeod. “The modernization included an install of a new general waste line, fire protection upgrades and alarms. Not only did this result in improved quality, it reduced forklift traffic and created a safer, more ergonomic environment, saving time and money.”